A Generally Good Sword And Board Technique

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  1. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    After a lot of practice with a sword and shield, I've found a well enough strategy that I think works generally well against a good amount of people and classes.

    The stance I take up is simple, but I always have a hard time describing stuff so bear with me. First I take my right foot and put it away from my left foot. Their still shoulder length apart, but now I have most of my weight on my back foot, and I've made myself a thinner target to hit from the front, which is good against any archer or spell caster since you'll be having your shield protect you from the neck down. Then I have my sword, which is at bastard length, laying across both of my shoulders, this allows me to swing it around with ease and possibly hit someone in the leg, and even gives me an option to fake out and hit their arm if their expecting a hit to the leg and block down there. If you're skilled enough, you can even reach over and use your sword to tap someone's back for a mortal wound. With my shield blocking a good amount of my body and with my weight on my right foot, I can easily either block any attack coming my way, or simply lift my left leg should anyone try to go for that leg.

    This has been developed from both watching and practicing multiple styles and trying to use the best of all worlds to make a solid defense and offense against any class in general.
  2. Leroy Shadowcloak

    Leroy Shadowcloak New Player

    Seems like a normal stance, except for the sword part, sure you can swing it better, but with the need to move your entire arm in a half circle is slow. I would lay my sword over top of the shield like a roman soldier, being pointed at the enemy allows for less of the sword to be seen and faster to attack with due to it being a quick thrust rather than an entire swing.
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  3. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    True, but having your sword like that is just too predictable. All you can really do is stab at someone, which could probably be blocked and then you get counter attacked with a swing to your arm.
  4. Leroy Shadowcloak

    Leroy Shadowcloak New Player

    Unless you're sashed, then (with both styles) it would allow for shield bashing, followed by a quick thrust to the chest. I have indeed dueled another that had a similar technique to yours a while back, slower swing allows for more reaction time, thus was easier to block, the hardest part to get past was the shield.
  5. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    It all really depends on how fast you are I suppose. I don't go fast enough to break the rules, but I definitely don't stop swinging after the first strike, that and where we're from barely anyone really has a sash so that kind of fighting doesn't happen, thus removing that option of shield bashing in combat.
  6. Leroy Shadowcloak

    Leroy Shadowcloak New Player

    True on all points, and it really does depend on how well you can chain strikes and blocks together.
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  7. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    It's all just about how well you've made your weapons and such. I've been able to do quite a bit of damage to some of the other players, I'm sure there are other stances that are better, I just like this stance in general.
  8. Grimnock Neck Snapper

    Grimnock Neck Snapper Orc Barbarian Leathersmith Blacksmith

    You must be very careful with this. While it worked for the Romans, most likely it wont work in a larp scenario. First you must consider the fact that thrusting with many LARP Weapons is highly frowned upon, as there is often less foam at the tip, plus in reality, it wouldn't deal as much damage as a real swing would. Why did it work for the Romans? You also have to consider that the had the phalanx maneuver, a tactic where the Romans large shields would form a impenetrable wall of shield, which is why they had their swords on top of their shields.
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  9. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    That's why I prefer to simply do a slashing motion. That and my bastard sword gives me a nice enough reach so if someone crouches too much I can just swing around and get their backs.
  10. Jun Jamin

    Jun Jamin Elf Rogue Psychic

    I don't want to meet this Death Knight in combat too soon.
  11. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye Beast Ranger of Illudia Outpost Herbalist

    aye, tristwich, i have faced thee in combat. your attack are slower than sap in the winter. not to mention extremly predictable. they way you hold and describe your hold on your sword. you can only attack their left side. against another board user. youre not going to get anywhere. perhaps holding it in a manner of "beside your shield, running along your shield" keeping your sword high lets you attack both sides of your opponent while having your defenses strong
  12. Tristwich Birchaw

    Tristwich Birchaw Undead Death Knight of Illudia Colony

    Keeping your sword high runs a larger risk of hitting someone in the head. While I am interested in causing death and destruction, I'm not interested in causing a concussion. I'm a lot faster than you think, anyway.
  13. Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye Beast Ranger of Illudia Outpost Herbalist

    i keep my sword high and i rarely hit someone in the head. and majority of the time. they duck into it. ive fought you and the way to describe and fight. you can only hit one side without completly giving away that your going to cross. notice with my fighting style. i mimic dagorhir red users. witch have a very good technique when it comes to attacks. but from the same combat style their SNB users dont rest their sword on their shoulder. they have it out away from them and mostly high stance. its more about control than actual combat. if you cant control your blade effectively. youre minced meat for whoever wants to target you
  14. Taliesin Ebonheart

    Taliesin Ebonheart Human Ranger Legendary Creature 2015 Epic Member 2015 Preferred Profile

    Does anyone here have experience with sword and buckler? Is it viable in this system with its single cleave point?
  15. Mordekai Fox

    Mordekai Fox Human Rogue Meadowmere Colony Elder Colony Elder Legendary Creature 2015 Epic Member 2015 Surgeon

    The style needed would be different than a larger shield. More parries than blocking, but it works. A buckler is best for a very mobile fighter.
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  16. Abiellon of Cannund

    Abiellon of Cannund Human Cleric

    I've faced folks who take stances involving the position of their blade held back, along their shoulders or otherwise, and from my personal experience I've never had a problem reading their movements and forms. It's all too predictable having to position one's blade back into a proper strike alignment before attacking, and it involves too much of the body's movement itself to be in any way subtle. Not to mention the opening that's left in your defense grid by holding your blade back. Only extraordinarily unorthodox maneuvers can make the style viable, as you would have to go out of your way to make the predictable form less predictable.
  17. Hu Ryu

    Hu Ryu Vampire Mage Shadow Element Specialization

    Effectiveness aside, I find this technique very unrealistic with a sword. Think about it; do you really want that (hopefully) razor sharp edge resting against your neck? The prop is made of foam, and so you might not think about it as much, but do remember it's supposed to represent a piece of sharpened steel. Don't put it on your neck.

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